Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Statement for TLA VIce President/President-Elect Election

So, I'm running for Vice President/President-Elect of the Tennessee Library Association.Here's my shortish statement for the ballot.


First, I would like you to visualize what you imagine is the perfect library. Walk through the space, interact with the staff, and picture all of the available resources and services.

Thank you, and welcome back!

I asked you to visualize your perfect library because I’m sure no two people imagined the exact same place in their short daydream. That is the quandary of being a librarian—trying to create a place that can be everything that all of our patrons, customers, students, faculty, and staff want in a library.

Please take another moment and visualize your perfect library association—don’t worry this is the last time I’ll ask you to do this. Imagine all of the training opportunities for bettering yourself professionally; the statewide network of awesome, knowledgeable people you can tap into; and the incredible ideas you can bring back to your own library.

Thank you for indulging me once more.

I’m sure that each of you pictured a slightly different version of TLA. The Tennessee Library Association—through training opportunities, advocacy, and planning for the future of Tennessee’s libraries—helps us all get closer to developing the perfect library we imagined a few moments ago. This is why our professional organization is so important.
To ensure that TLA can follow through with assisting you in creating your perfect library, as President I would focus on:

  1. Growing membership through an initiative of inclusiveness to bring those who currently feel there is no place for them into the association
  2. Stabilizing the funding of the association by targeting spending more strategically and by fostering the work of the Development Committee
  3. Opening up new avenues of communication about TLA both within and outside the association

Please vote for me to serve as TLA Vice President/President-elect so that, together, we can make Tennessee’s libraries as close to perfect as possible.