Thursday, November 21, 2013

Every library article needs at least one cat reference

“Straight to the Heart of Things”—Reflecting on Library Metaphors for Impact and Assessment

I stumbled across the Journal of Creative Library Practice a few months ago. Every time I return to this irregular publication I'm always amazed at the accessibility and the slightly different viewpoint. Anyway, I quite liked this piece I finally read this afternoon, so I think you should go read it too.

My primary response is that metaphors are a good tool to use to get past using library jargon or academic speak. I believe that is one aspect of what Mr. Stoddart was trying to get across in relation to various groups different context in regards to the importance of the library based upon their various uses and demands upon the library. It reminded me quite a bit of one nearly universal result of LibQUAL+ surveys: that undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff all have very different desires for what they need to the library to be for them, which in turn effects the way they perceive the level of services the library is providing.

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