Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tenn-Share Datafest

I had the chance to attend the Tenn-Share DataFest a few weeks ago.

The main thing I got from Datafest is that the ebook market is currently kind of like the wild west. Each vendor and publisher is trying to figure out how to not only make money, but how to just plain survive the changes caused by ebooks. The large vendors like Ingram and Ebsco are trying to get the best of all possible options by selling ebooks but also providing subscription services with a number of concurrent use-multiple download-always available options. More academic-specific vendors like MUSE and JSTOR and just now venturing into the ebook market, but they are working with publishers to make available backlist titles and possibly offer ILL for ebooks. I was also intrigued by an entirely different model called Freeding being offer by the company that created Freegal . This new service gives each patron a number of "tokens" to spend on ebooks each month so copies of everything are always available to everyone for a price.

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