Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giving the Tin Man some oil I said I was going to get started again. I guess that means actually sharing something. Right now I feel like I'm the Tin Man standing on the side of the road with clenched jaw asking for oil. In this case, though, I need to add my own oil. I'll get started in the coming days/weeks by sharing some of the things I've found recently and also sharing some notes from the TLA (Tennessee Library Association) conference I attended last week.


The first thing here is am image that I took off a site (I think Harvard Business Review) a few months ago. I know it is a bit small, but if you look at the image in a new tab or window you'll be able to read what it says. The title is "The 12 Elements of Great Managing"

After reading this again I think it is something that I should print and post right next to my computer screen. As a manager am I working toward each of these 12 elements every day? Sadly, the answer is no. Am I working toward each of the 12 elements at some point in my interaction with those up and down the chain? I hope so. I think just a rewording of these 12 elements would be a wonderful self evaluation for any manager. It goes so far past the traditional library measures of performance, however, that I can see few libraries using such an evaluation tool. That reminds me that I need to find my notes from the training all of us attended on employee evaluations last fall...

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