Friday, April 24, 2009

A Geograghy of Organizations

Some organizations are like glaciers, some are like springs. Some organizations are like lava and some are just rocks. Think about them:

Glaciers--big, cold, slow moving :: occasional changing but otherwise just pushing obstacles out of the way over a few million years

Springs--attractive and cool :: provide life and sometimes create their own micro-environment where plants and animals survive that cannot otherwise live in the surrounding ecosystem (think of an oasis)

Lava--slowly flowing but hot :: creates something new as it settles into place and begins cooling

Rocks--created by year after year of adding new sediment and years of constant, intense pressure :: static-only changed by some outside force

Which one of the above best describes your organization? I'd like to think that where I work is like a spring or lava--things change over time as we work to create a new environment. I think we're like a spring when we work to make the library a community center where people come to read, learn, and share. Then again we're like lava when it comes to some old-school library things like date due stamping (we're working at a slooooow shift away from the stamps).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The back-end

How can one quantify all that is done on the back-end of a project, program, or other creation to others?

A lot of our time is spent working on those one-hour events or one-page newsletters, but how do you get that across to those who are either simply unaware or are critical of the time spent.

I know one thing some people do is just continually changing the way that something is done or adding new "features" to be able to show off. This is unsustainable. I know that things in life change, but we can't just constantly "upgrade" or change just to change.