Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Walk the Talk

"The Centrality of Leadership

Taking all the above-mentioned factors that influence the library environment into account, I want to forecast the future relating to assessment in libraries. Effective implementation of data-driven and evidence-based decision-making requires vision, leadership, and risk-taking. This leadership depends on character, understanding of economics, changing technology, and expected impacts. Without focused, effective, and supportive leadership, assessment and evidence-based management will not scale. Without direct and consistent support from the library director, assessment activities lose traction and do not penetrate the local library culture. Local assessment frameworks cannot succeed without continuous support from library directors. Leadership needs to demonstrate purpose, consistency, and determination in the use of evidence-based management. Leaders need to walk the talk."

This a quote from the award winning portal article by Amos Lakos

Evidence-Based Library Management:The Leadership Challenge portal: Libraries and the Academy 7.4 (2007) 431-450

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